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High Impact and brand safe campaigns
Multi-format that allows display, video and native formats into one product - Soon!
6 Times higher RPM!
Guaranteed uplift for current monetized placements
Header Bidding Integration - no need to replace or split traffic with existing partners

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  • Unique, non intrusive ad formats that doesn’t change or break the page layout
  • High engaging video format that improves CTR & Completion Rate
  • High viewability score that increases your total website CPM
  • Real Time Reports - Traffic monitoring, real-time revenue reporting & analytics
  • Various optimization tools to help publishers optimize your performance and monetization

Joshua Mendelssohn

Vidazoo has been a game changer for us in our header bidding stack. As soon as we set them live, we saw a lift of 10-15%, Vidazoo is consistently one of our top bidders, with CPMs 200% higher (or more) than our average. They are consistently one of our top five partners in terms of overall revenue contribution, beating all the large display DSPs by a wide margin.
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IAB Certified- the highest industry credential for digital professionals
Tag Certified against fraud and invalid traffic across the advertising supply chain
Transparent access to real time revenue analytics
Creative review features to guarantee brand safety for your website Foolproof Reporting API

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