Vidazoo Terms of Use

These terms of use (“Terms”) set out the legal relationship between you, any person and entity (the “User”) and Vidazoo Ltd. (“Vidazoo”) with regard to use of the site: (hereinafter, respectively, the “Site”), and/or the use of any other sites operated by Vidazoo and/or the use of the services which are contained and given on the Site or through third-party websites, and/or software provided by Vidazoo, as can change from time to time (hereinafter, the “Services”). From the time of commencing use of the Site and Services, the user will be subject to the terms set out hereunder. If user does not agree to the Terms, user should refrain from making any use of the Site and / or services and any use of the site and services, is subject to user sole responsibility. User can opt out and decline these terms, by ceasing any use of the Site and Services. The Terms may change from time to time, without giving prior notice and will be binding, from the moment they are updated, on the site. For Users’ convenience, the last date of any update made, will be mentioned above. It is Users’ responsibility to check these terms of use from time to time, as Vidazoo does not undertake to send an update, with regards to changes in these Terms.

The License

Subject to these terms, any use of the site or services, grants user a limited, non-exclusive, temporary and non-transferable license, solely for users’ own and personal use of the site and services. Any other action or usage – including, inter alia, commercial use, distribution, copying, changing, leasing, reverse engineering, producing derivatives or translations – is totally forbidden. In the event of any doubt regarding the legality of usage, User can approach Vidazoo at its email address – - for the removal of any doubt. The Site and/or the Services incorporates extensive databases that have been independently and exclusively assembled and arranged by Vidazoo personnel, and which constitute its total and exclusive intellectual property. In addition, the Site and/or services makes use of third party data and rights, of which no use must be made without the prior written authorization of such third party. Furthermore, using the Site and/or services is at the User’s sole risk and use of the Site and/or services shall not impose any liability on Vidazoo with respect to any injury and/or damage and/or loss caused to the User and/or to his property, including fatal injury. It must be emphasized that despite the efforts and attempts that are made to provide the most up to date information, given the technical and/or financial constraints, the information contained in the Site and/or services could be inaccurate or not up to date, and Vidazoo is not liable to damages that may be caused to a User and/or to his property as a result of using information, which – as stated – is provided by a third party. Vidazoo is not liable for changes in and/or the accuracy of, data and/or services which is provided by third parties.


The information on the Site and/or services is provided "As-Is" and cannot be arranged or adjusted for any separate usage. The Site and/or services could contain content posted by any third party. It is hereby clarified that Vidazoo shall have no liability toward the User and/or any other third party, with regard to the use of information and/or data that is posted and/or submitted to the Site and/or Services.. Vidazoo, in its sole and absolute discretion, may decide on the manner and way of presenting the Content based, among other things, on its accuracy, quality, and importance. Vidazoo is not liable for any data provided and/or initiated by third parties. Vidazoo will do its utmost to ensure that references to information and/or to Users, and their descriptions, are as accurate as possible. Vidazoo will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, financial or otherwise, which is caused to a User as a result of using and/or relying on the information that appears on the Site and/or services. Vidazoo is not liable for information being advertised for sale on the Site or for any of the accompanying services. Vidazoo does not warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted or error or virus-free. No warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, is made in relation to the availability, accuracy, reliability, information or content of the Service. User expressly agrees and acknowledges that the use of the Service is at users’ sole risk and that user may be exposed to content from various sources. Vidazoo is not liable for any direct damages caused by User’s use or inability to use the Service. In no case will Vidazoo be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages resulting from User’s use or inability to use the Service. User agrees to:

  • Comply with applicable laws, the Terms and good manners;
  • Not submit unlawful, offensive, inaccurate, misleading, abusive, pornographic, harassing, libelous, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pedophilic, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, racially or ethically objectionable, disparaging, relating to or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise inappropriate material;
  • Not to upload or share any information that impersonates another person, threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of any country and/or entity.
  • Obtain any consents, permission or licenses that may be legally required for user to submit any Material;
  • Respect the privacy of others;
  • Not distribute or post spam, unreasonably large files, chain letters, pyramid schemes, viruses; Not use any other technologies or initiate other activities that may harm the Service, or the interest or property of the Service users.
  • Not to use any automated systems or means to access, acquire, copy or monitor any part of the service. Be responsible for the consequences related to the Material that user posts. To report any abuse of the above terms

Intellectual property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights in the Site and in the Services and in the information contained therein, including – inter alia – in its content (excluding the content posted and/or provided and/or submitted by third parties and/or other users), in source code, in design and in editing, as well in all updates, changes and amendments whatsoever, are owned exclusively by Vidazoo and are protected by copyrights and under international treaties regarding copyrights.

Declarations and undertakings by Users

For avoidance of doubt, Vidazoo is entitled to remove any third party content posted through its’ site and services, inorder to prevent it from being illegal, liebelus, defamatory, abusive or otherwise harmful.. Vidazoo’s right to remove the content, does not create Vidazoo any obligation and / or liability whatsoever, and Vidazoo is free to do so, at its’ sole discretion. Vidazoo will not be held liable for any failure to do so, and use of information on Vidazoo website and/or Services is “As Is” and on users responsibility. Without derogating from any of the other provisions of the License Terms, when sending or posting and/or submitting content for publication through the Service, User will be fully and solely liable for any outcome of the publication. User must ensure that such content is legal. Vidazoo may refuse to publish or to immediately delete any content that is sent for publication at any time it considers that the content is in breach of these Terms or that an act or omission has been performed which harms or is likely to harm the Service provided by Vidazoo, those using the Service, Vidazoo or anyone on its behalf. In addition, Vidazoo will be permitted in such event, to prevent User publishing additional content through the Site. The provisions of this section are in addition to Vidazoo’s rights under any law. Vidazoo encourages User to refer carefully and critically to content that is published on the Internet. Look at this content carefully and meticulously. The content is not published in the name of Vidazoo and therefore Vidazoo is not responsible for its reliability, its veracity, its accuracy or its completeness and Vidazoo has no liability for any consequence arising from its using or reliance thereon. Always remember that such content is not an alternative to consulting with the appropriate professionals such as lawyers, doctors, qualified professionals, etc. when consultation such as that is required. The User undertakes to indemnify Vidazoo for any consequence and/or damage to the extent there is such, due to a claim and/or demand made against it by a third party pursuant to a breach of any of the provisions stated in the License Terms, and/or of any other right belonging to any third party whatsoever. Without derogating from the aforesaid, Vidazoo may cancel User's use of the Service, or block the User's access to it (by blocking his IP address), in Vidazoo's sole and absolute discretion, inter alia, in any one of the following circumstances: (1) User posts Content that seems to be provocative, irritating, improper, unlawful or unethical;(2) User breach these Users Terms. If User does not wish to continue using the service, User may terminate registration, after which User will not have further access to the Service. Vidazoo may terminate User registration or restrict user access to certain parts of the service if Vidazoo reasonably believes User has breached these terms.


When a User of the Service enters or visits the Site and/or makes use of the Services, it is possible that certain information will be transferred onto the computer or another electronic device which the User is using and/or that the User's IP will be marked and recognize. Third-party vendors use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to the Site. Any data collected, will be used in accordance with these Terms and Vidazoo's privacy policy.


In the event that it is possible to download software, tools, information, browser extension, files and more through the Site, the downloading will be done solely at the responsibility of the User, and Vidazoo will not be liable for any damage likely to be caused to the User’s hardware and/or software and to the information contained therein as a result of such downloading and/or the use thereof.

Liability and Indemnification

Vidazoo is not responsible and does not guarantee that an unauthorized entity will not gain access to information which is sent by a User and/or acquire this information. All Users accept full responsibility and risk arising from the use of the Site and Services. Neither Vidazoo nor anyone on its behalf, including its employees, its management and/or its information suppliers, are liable in any way, explicitly or implicitly, for information of the Site and/or for information that is received via third parties, for its suitability for the User’s purposes, for its reliability and/or its accuracy and/or for its usability and/or for the use made of the information and/or the content. Vidazoo gives no undertakings to Users of the availability and/or correctness of the Site and/or Services and/or for the accessibility of the information on the Site and/or Services at any time or in any location and Vidazoo does not undertake that at the time of being used there will not be interruptions or failures in receiving data from the Site and/or Services whether due to Vidazoo or whether due to some other factor, including failures and/or interruptions on the Internet network and on the wireless transfer of data. Vidazoo is not responsible for any cost and/or advertising campaign on the Site for any business or service whatsoever. Responsibility for sending data rests with the business. Vidazoo hereby advises that unintentional or transposing errors may occur in the information located in the Site and neither Vidazoo nor the businesses advertising on the Site will have any liability in respect of the occurrence of errors, for any reason whatsoever. The User undertakes to indemnify Vidazoo, its employees, its management and anyone on its behalf for any damage and/or loss and/or expense caused to it, including lawyer’s fees and legal costs, pursuant to a breach of the License Terms.

Changes in the Site and the provision of the Service

Vidazoo may modify and/or update, add to or subtract from the Site and the information located thereon. Vidazoo may remove and/or limit the use of the Site for a limited period or permanently at its exclusive discretion and without prior notice. The Site’s content is provided through remotely based internet services coming from Vidazoo’s site and/or third party servers. At its exclusive discretion, Vidazoo may discontinue these services at any time or restrict access to these services to paying subscribers only or in line with any other business model on which it decides. If these User Terms are not acceptable to User for any reason whatsoever, User is requested to make no further use of it.

Law and Venue for Jurisdiction

The laws of the State of Israel will apply exclusively to these Terms. Any dispute on any matter relating to the License Terms will be decided by the authorized courts of Tel-Aviv Yafo, and they will have sole jurisdiction.

To be in contact

For any question or query, Vidazoo can be contacted by email at Further information regarding Vidazoo, its services and products can be found at the internet site:

Last updated: February 2017