The all in one yield management platform for video
We are a bunch of tech and digital experts who created the most powerful platform for video streaming and serving.

Our mission is to lead and inspire the advertising industry by building the most clever technology. We specialize in developing high end products for publishers with a focus on programmatic video monetization across Display, Mobile and Apps.

Holistic Yield Management Platform

one platform connecting all the dots

Video Player
Certified with all major partners and suitable for all devices and video formats. Light and fast on loading video content.
Yield Management
Sophisticated algorithm which automatically optimizes and prioritizes tags based on provided KPI’s.
Ad Server
Allows publishers to manage their video advertisers, ensures user experience by reducing latency and errors. Holistically connected to the video player and marketplace.
Connected to more than 40 programmatic buyers and supports all integrations.

Our Product Tech Stack

Desktop Player
Certified HTML5 Player, light & fast, supports anti-ad blockers
Mobile Player
HTML5 Mobile Web & In-App, VAST & VPAID JS Compliant
The player is also extended to in-read, interstitial and more out-stream formats
Ad Server
Comprehensive AdServing technology which overcomes VAST wrappers and latency issues
Yield Manager
Fully automated AdOps optimization for the waterfall, auto tag prioritization for best fill
Integrated with more than 40 programmatic video buyers and supports all integrations

Multiscreen Video Player

manage all devices through one tag

HTML5 Technology
Light and fast on loading content and ads.
Real Time Reporting
Comprehensive data and events collecting for best optimization.
Certified & Compliant
Certified with all the major supply partners. VAST, VPAID, VPAID JS & MRAID compliant.

Comprehensive AdServer

We redefined the efficiency when it comes to video ad serving by investing in the smallest details.

Time Outs Control
Set time out per each process of the ad call and increase your performance.
Our waterfall supports both parallel calls and failover system, so you can tap into your scenario by using each or combining both.
With our comprehensive reporting you can get visibility on each tag, advertiser and it’s performance.

Automated Yield Management

put your brain in cruise control

Tag Prioritization
Our algorithm consistently changes tags based on last hour performance
Yield Optimization
Setup the yield as your main KPI and our algorithm will strive to provide with the best profit instead of revenue
Error Elimination
Improve user experience by setting the error optimization option and reduce latency
Secret Optimization
Some of our extreme optimization methods are not enclosed, but they are available for use on the platform

Case Study

"We used multiple video players to work with our premium news publishers, but were suffering from low fill rates and bad performance. Sin​ce we switched to Vidazoo holistic ​video ​platform we saw a dramatic increase in overall performance and were able to give better service to our publishers."

Zohar Dayan
CEO & Co-Founder

Our Algorithm Doesn't Guess

it simply applies with the best strategy

Scenario A
  • 1,200,000 Requests
  • 250,000 Responses
  • 200,000 Loads
  • 129,000 Starts
  • Total Fill
Scenario B
  • 12,000,000 Requests
  • 6,000,000 Responses
  • 4,000,000 Loads
  • 3,200,000 Starts
  • Total Fill
Scenario C
  • 1,200,000 Requests
  • 980,000 Responses
  • 950,000 Loads
  • 920,000 Starts
  • Total Fill


our server 2 server integration with our buyers is what makes the ad response faster


Outcome - Latency Reduction

specializing in error and latency elimination

Requests Sent
Ad Responses
Ad Loads
Ad Starts

Our Family Team

it's all about the great people

Leading Team

Daniel Slivkin - CEO
Gal Dagan - VP R&D
Roman Svichar - CTO

"i​t​​​ always seems impossible until it's done!"

Nelson Mandela
We believe that with the right ​concept, form and creation and with ​a ​bunch of creative people, you can always make it happen!

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