Upgrade to better
monetization performance engagement

Upgrade to
monetization performance engagement

Smart video monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers

Vidazoo: Monetizing the Dynamic Video Market

The rapidly-changing video market offers limitless monetization opportunities for those who can keep pace. Vidazoo is a partner that helps you to constantly adapt, advance and keep yourself ahead of the curve.

Upgrade with our latest video products

Upgrade to In-Article Video

• Incorporate In-Stream editorial video playlist

• Tap into our rich video content library

• Upload your own videos or MRSS Feed

• Utilize our unique AI contextual content targeting

• Monetize with Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll

Upgrade to
Out-Stream Video

• Easy, plug & play Pre-bid integration

• Unique, high quality format

• Non intrusive ad experience

• High engagement and viewability


Trusted partners

Vidazoo has been a great, incremental addition to our ad stack with their unique and cutting edge video monetization products. The team is very thorough and responsive, overseeing all aspects of our integration from launch to scale.
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Mackenzie Gordon
Ad Operations Analyst
Gateway Blend
Vidazoo has been a reliable partner of Ströer Media Brands for many years. In programmatic sales, Vidazoo is an integral part of our revenues.
Tim Nocken
Geschäftsführer (CEO)
Ströer Media Brands GmbH
Vidazoo's video player technology and ad optimization capabilities have significantly contributed to our overall monetization efforts.
Yoav Raif
Head of Programmatic Demand
Vidazoo has been a game changer for us in our header bidding stack. As soon as we set them live, we saw a lift of 10-15%. Vidazoo is consistently one of our top bidders, with CPMs 200% higher (or more) than our average. They are one of our top five partners in terms of overall revenue contribution, beating all the large display DSPs by a wide margin.
Joshua Mendelssohn
Chief Executive Officer
We’ve been using the Vidazoo In-Article Video & Highlights formats on our news website and have seen a positive effect on both revenue and user engagement. The content has a high contextual relevance which increases viewership and page views and this directly contributes to our overall revenue.
Amihay Yankovich
VP Digital
Jerusalem Post

How can we Upgrade you?

Outstanding Team of Professionals
A forward thinking and agile team that is attentive to your needs and has the desire to constantly improve. From knowledge sharing to maximizing revenue performance, our experts are here to make your video journey as efficient and smooth as possible.
Cutting-edge Video
Monetization Technology
A performance-based technology that is driven by data and addresses the subjects that matter the most to Publishers, including content management, revenue management, quality and safety.
Competitive Monetization
When publishers upgrade to Vidazoo, they enjoy an uplift in video monetization performance and incremental revenue. Our focus is to generate the highest results with our outstanding video technology and vast programmatic expertise.
Innovation and
out of the box thinking
We love collaborating with publishers and finding creative solutions to their problems. We believe that innovation and out of the box thinking make Vidazoo the ultimate video partner.
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