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How it Works

Video Scanner
Matched Story
Contextual AI
based algorithm
  • 1

    Scan with Contextual Video Scanner

    Our algorithm scans your RSS feed and
    automatically pulls attractive headlines and images.
    The algorithm automatically creates a story
    highlighting playlist based on the collected data.

  • 2

    Create Video Playlist

    The Contextual AI-based logic matches
    relevant story highlights to article
    pages and promotes your proprietary
    content in a new interactive way.

  • 3


    Highlights lets you monetize
    your content through video
    with pre-roll ads.

Highlights Benefits

  • Create a new
    revenue stream
  • Engage audience and
    increase page views
  • Social content
    consumption experience
  • Lighter format than
    editorial video

Amihay Yankovich

We’ve been using the Vidazoo In-Article Video & Highlights formats on our news website and have seen a positive effect on both revenue and user engagement. The content has a high contextual relevance which increases viewership and page views and this directly contributes to our overall revenue.

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  • Certified Google Video Technology Partner
  • IAB Certified- the highest industry credential for digital professionals
  • Tag Certified against fraud and invalid traffic across the advertising supply chain
  • Transparent access to real time revenue analytics
  • Creative review features to guarantee brand safety for your website Foolproof Reporting API